Prof Becky Malby, Health Systems Innovation, London South Bank University.

Becky is an experienced manager and thought –leader in health and social care. She has a track record in systems innovation, coproduction, leading networks, organisational change and leadership development in the UK and Internationally. She is an unusual combination of leader, manager, researcher, change agent and entrepreneur.

Her early years in health services as a clinician and manager, were followed by a career in leading clinical and organisational change, first at The Kings Fund, then in national and international roles and most recently as the Director of the Centre for Innovation in Health Management, and the programme lead for the Leeds Institute for Quality Healthcare, at the University of Leeds. Becky has also lead the International Shaping Health Systems Network with hub groups in Asia, North America, Africa and Europe; been a Board member of the European Health Management Association, and a critical friend of the New Economics Foundation Coproduction Network. She is currently a Board member of the NHS IQ Network Programme and the Kings Fund/ Health Foundation Readiness for Change Programme. She is a founding member of the Leaders for Leeds Network, and has recently been an advisor to the Cabinet Office on the Choice Agenda and to the Health Foundation on Networks.

Becky is a Visiting Associate at the School of Public Leadership, Stellanbosch University, South Africa, and a Co-Director of incLucid a Social Enterprise supporting people in recovery.

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  1. RE: Innovation in the Pandemic II – Realised after I’d pressed “Submit” to the questionnaire that one theme that doesn’t seem to have been captured is that the current focus of healthcare isn’t constantly about overspends.
    An over-arching enabler for all the innovation is that the Market approach to healthcare has been abandoned; I don’t see that has been captured.


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